YouTube Shorts could steal TikTok’s thunder with a better deal for creators

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        YouTube Shorts could steal TikTok’s thunder with a better deal for creators If you pay them they will come The secret is that you can’t get rich on TikTok because even the most viral creators earn a negligible portion of their income from the platform itself.But according to reports from the New York Times YouTube Shorts is gearing up to announce an ad revenue sharing model that could revolutionize short form video and give TikTok a run for its money — literally.

        In 2007 only three years after YouTube was founded the platform unveiled its Partner Program offering creators 55% of the revenue earned from advertisements served before or during their videos.But TikTok pays creators through its Creator Fund a pool of $200 million unveiled in summer 2020.A big reason why TikTok and other short form video apps haven’t unveiled a similar revenue sharing program yet is because it’s trickier to figure out how to fairly split ad revenue on an algorithmically-generated feed of short videos.

        If the rumors are true YouTube Shorts creators would get 45% of ad revenue — a smaller cut than they do on YouTube videos but a substantial upgrade compared to a paltry Creator Fund payout.Even the YouTuber MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) who out-earned every other creator by making $54 million last year can’t seem to make good money on TikTok.The Creator Fund is a static pool of money that is divided each day among users in TikTok’s creator program based on how many views they get — but since the pool doesn’t grow that means that as TikTok gets bigger creators earn less money.“I have read about how TikTok is working on an ad sharing model and that would be great for the creator economy ” Marc D’Amelio told TechCrunch via email.When creators build their audience on TikTok the platform doesn’t remain their bread and butter for long.

        If it can pull off this ad revenue share model YouTube Shorts now has a chance to prove itself as the best way for short form video creators to make a living.

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