IoTMAT 2020 1- Keynote Address by Dilbagh Gill, “Give me a Second”

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    1. Give me a Second.

      Dilbagh is the CEO and Principal of Mahindra , a Company on steroids. It is very much like a Start-Up in every sense: founded in 2014, lean, super high-tech, in an immensely competitive marketplace, high profile (>2M fan base), and blistering pace in continuous innovation, differentiation, and edge.

      One Second is all the difference in the lap timing between the 1st car and the 24th car in Formula-E Racing. The difference between the winner and runner-up is in the order of 1/100th    of a Second. Blast off the grid - From Zero to 100 KMs/h in 2 seconds. Top speed 280Km/h. On city street circuits ( Paris, Berlin, ...)!!

  • A > R ( Ambition exceeds Resources).
    Dilbagh started with the Vision & Mission – like all Start-Ups. Vision is to be the number #1 on the global stage and be proud of Indian origin. And no different in the realities – Ambition exceeds Resources (established players like Mercedes Benz have deep pockets and long history of leadership in the arena). So how do you compete and finish on the Podium? Where does the Differentiation come from? and what is the role of IoT Technologies to create the same?  All elements of “” at play here.

  • The software differentiates Performance.
    Hardware in the Car build has peaked ( 98% energy conversion efficiency in EV as compared to 48%  of Petrol in the conventional Formula One ( which itself has morphed into Hybrid)). The other two main components are Software and Driver  Capabilities which determine the actual performance during the conditions and anoint the winner of the day.

    1. IoT Matrix in Action.
      The tech scenario – 120 or so Sensors on the Car, 30 GB of Data collected from a race of 45 minutes duration. 10 MB/ sec transfer rate.
      AR/VR, Simulation and Modeling. Before the race, the entire track ( up to a Millimeter ) is modelled for conditions (uneven, contours, defects if any, rain/ no rain etc). The driver goes through about 400 hours of practice before the Race – on simulators, with “ghost drivers”/ professional gamers – to build muscle memory of the action sequence on the race track.
      Computer Vision – two cameras in the corner of the Helmet worn by the Driver.
      /ML – video capture, voice analysis of all 24 drivers in the race; analysis of keywords and stress situation of each driver/ team.  Bio-metrics in the Glove of the Driver.
      Edge Computing and Real-time analysis of all the parameters by Tech team in the pit and actions feedback to Drivers.

  • Innovation accelerates “Race to Road”.
    Mahindra FE ( Formula-E) is purpose-driven –  part of the “Race to Road program” to innovate EV vehicles for consumers - better, cleaner (environmentally), and product launch at an accelerated pace. Apart from innovation in Software and Matrix Technologies highlighted in the previous paragraph,  the focus is on strategy – energy management to win with zero residual power in the battery; of human interaction, competitor and own drivers’ analysis of human parameters, behaviour and responses. And safety too – continuous tracking and update of the car and driver status – G Force, vital parameters so that in case of a crash, in the first few seconds the medical response team is fully equipped to save a life. 


    1. Partnerships define the .
      What are the “pain points” or “Opportunities if you will ”, for IOT Matrix Start-Ups from India to work with?  Energy Management, Software-driven Efficiency & Strategy, Materials ( composites to replace Al and Steel),  and Innovation in design and process – e.g., cannot process all the data acquired in real-time during the race from the 120 odd sensors and feedback. What about Edge Computing by “system-on-board the car”  with instantaneous and continuous analysis and actions, instead of to and from the pit? 

  • India on the Global Stage.

Mahindra Group has a wide portfolio across the world, in multiple segments of personal and mass transportation – e-Bicycles, e-Autorickshaws, Motor-cycles, EV cars and Taxis, EV super-luxury cars (objects of desire) and so on. The Mahindra FE  Team is a strategic investment in building the brand ( Rise. For Good.)  with the greenest Racing team and net carbon positive. Leading to commercial vehicles which will enhance Mahindra Group’s contribution to Sustainability in terms of No air pollution or Noise pollution. 

Dilbagh  ( humbly began his address, admitting his lack of  IOTMatrix technical credentials, but delivered an Outstanding with comprehensive and illustrative coverage of the interplay of all the IOTMatrix technologies. This was an apt opening keynote that set the pace for the immensely successful IOT Matrix 2020 e-Conference.

Thank You Dilbagh! And Three Cheers to Mahindra Racing!

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